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W h a t I s A c c e s s C o n s c i o u s n e s s ?...F r o m M

What is Access Consciousness?

It is Consciousness created in a form that assists you to be and to Access all that you are.

It is Consciousness that empowers you to know that you know and that invites you to have your own awareness and knowing.

It is Consciousness that has your back all the time.

It is Consciousness that brings you the tools that are more appropriate for you, in order for you to be and create whatever you desire to be and create.

It is Consciousness that allows you to be whatever you desire to be.

It is beyond structure, form, definition, confinment.

It is the invitation to choose and to choose greater each time.

It is the inclusion of all.

It is the Pragmatic Consciousness that can open the doors for greater possibilities for all.

It is the prosperity embodied and delivered at your door.

It is change in action.

It is you giving a gift to you, again and again.

It is generosity and gifting for the joy of gifting.

It is the laugh you forgot you are.

It is the joy you forgot you are.

It is the Ease you forgot you are.

It is the glory you forgot you are.

It is the Earth making you aware of the gift you are to it and it is the earth gifting to you continuosly the gift of consciousness.

It is the differences comming together to celebrate and create new possibilities for the entire world.

It is the response of the quantum entanglements to your prayers, requests, demands and choices.

It is kindness in actions, gentleness in action.

It is the embodied actualized everexpanding possibilities commited to life, living, celebration, consciousness, honesty, trust, gratitude, vulnerability, allowance.

It is the kindness, gratitude, peace and calm of being You.

It is beyond any limitation and answer, into infinite possibilities and infinite choice.

It is the playground you always desired to play in and it is the playmates you always hoped to enjoy playing with.

It is the joy of having and creating a body and the possibility of living indefinitly.

It is the energy, space and consciousness you are invited to contribute your unique awareness and unique possibillities to, for the expansion of all.

It is the movement where you get to choose the speed and where you get to go as fast you are desiring... to receive and be more.

It is beyond words and beyond cognitive and it is awareness of infinite possibilities.

It is the consciousness acknowledging the miracle of consciousness and rewarding it with a certificate.

It is the invitation and the demand of never being less than you can be and never choosing less than you can choose.

It is the trampoline you were always excited to play on and that you have pretended to be scared of.

It is the man and women qualities playing together to create greater possibilities.

It is the place, the nest of infinite possibillities created to contribute to you, to nurture you, to care for you and to acknowledge you.

It is the stage consciousness gifts you to shine possibilities into your world.

It is awareness physically actualized in to the world.

It is the invitation to always choose more and always moving into more.

It is the kindest and most potent consciousness virus ever existed.

It is the loving breeze of possibility gently waking you up from lies, from answers, from limitations, from no choice univers and from impossibilities.

It is the aliveness and the intensity of possibillity infiltrating your reality and leading you to Your reality.

It is YOU comming back tou YOU in a way that can be received.

It is the gift you are giving to you and to the world.

It is the sex you always desired to create but never being able to receive.

It is the Thank you with which life cheers YOU!

It is the Leader that leads you to be the Leader of your own reality.

It is the utopia and phantasies seen as less than the choice of pragmatic possibillities.

It is the end of the separation of you from You, of you from the world, of you from consciousness, of you from infinite possibillities.

It is the energetic synthesis of everything that was and is into the simphony of possibillities of what can be.

It is the Space of infinite possibillities that you often times call Home.

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